"As System Manager of a Clinical Management System which is networked across a Supra Regional Surgical Speciality, I required a support company in whom I had complete confidence to provide a totally reliable and timely service.

Their vigilant monitoring, preventative maintenance and intimate knowledge of this network enables Summerside Computers to provide such a service, which is delivered by knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant members of their team"

Barbara Temple
System Manager - Renal Transplant Unit
Royal Liverpool University Hospital

What can Summerside do for healthcare?

  • System Management
  • Provision of good quality hardware at competitive rates
  • Upgrades (IBM R6000’s, PC’s etc)
  • Full installation services
  • Maintenance Support starting from 8hrs X 5 Days up to 24hrs X 7 Days
  • Next Day, 8 Hour, etc response times
  • Work completed out of hours
  • Training for system administration, performing backups and anti-virus procedures
  • Preventative maintenance/PC Health Checks
  • Disaster Recovery Service
  • Disaster Recovery Simulation exercises

  • Summerside provide hardware and AIX operating system support to many Departments in NHS Hospitals, in particular Renal Units, Genito-Urinary Clinics & also Drugs Clinics throughout the UK.

    We work in close conjunction with the following organisations:

  • Clinical Computing Ltd (Proton)
  • VitalPulse Ltd
  • Mill Systems (TeleCare Clinical Management Systems)

  • Mill Systems have chosen Summerside Computers as their Hardware Partner. Mill Systems are providing software support and continuing development for 30-40 GU Clinics across the UK running the TeleCare Clinic Management System.

    If a stable, flexible package is what you are looking for, backed by experienced software and hardware engineers working closely to provide a complete and secure solution, call or email Summerside or visit the Mill Systems website.


    Summerside are providers of a wide-range of self-adhesive products used in hospitals and clinics throughout the country.
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